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Demi Pair Programs: Live with locals for free!

Going abroad to learn a language is an exceptional experience. Yet it is sometimes hard on the wallet. Here we bring an alternative solution that can help you achieve your immersion abroad in order to best learn a new language. A Demi-Pair program is the perfect way to help pay for part of your program, making it easier to leave for longer periods. This will make it possible to truly experience a new culture with all the amazing adventures that entails! 


Why choose a Demi-Pair program?

It will give you the unique opportunity to spend longer periods of time abroad while staying with a local host family. Your host will welcome you and will introduce you to your new daily routine and as well as the culture. You will become a part of the host family and will participate fully in the life of the locals. You will have to undertake light house work such as baby-sitting and slight house chores. These will be decided upon amongst you and your host family. You will have to do a set number of hours of work which will be compensated by your stay and full board with you host family removing any expenses for housing. This is the best and the easiest way to get to know a new culture and everyday life of your temporary home country. During your day to day routine, you will have the opportunity to encounter local traditions, customs and way of life as well as get to know the culture from a completely new perspective.

A Demi-Pair program however, will bring you much more than a new, exciting life. Most importantly, you will reach a increased level of mastery in the language of your choice quickly. You will immerse in the language of your host country and will see that you will learn nuances of this new language that could not have learnt at home! Thanks to your new friends, your host family and the school, the moment will come when you will not only be able to use the language fluently, but will think and maybe even dream in it!

In today´s globalized world, it is even more important than ever to thoroughly speak several foreign languages. The language of your guest country will be omnipresent and you will be able to notice significant progress fast. You will be surrounded by locals all the time and will have plenty of opportunities to practice the language. As time will pass, speaking the language will become increasingly natural and simple. There is no better way to learn a foreign language as well other than by spending some time in a country where it is spoken.

Advantages of a Demi-Pair program: 

There are obvious advantages to spending longer periods of time abroad. Not only will you benefit from improved knowledge of a foreign language, your personality will profit from your stay, too! During your Demi-Pair program abroad, you will mature as you will be encountering new challenges regularly. You will learn how to find your way in a foreign culture far from home, how to make new friends and how to become more independent. You will learn how to balance a work load with school hours. The experience gained abroad will be an important step in your personal development and besides, under no other circumstances will you learn more about yourself than during a stay abroad! HR managers know this, too, and having an experience abraod, further more one where you had had to balance work and studies on your CV can make the difference!

How to apply

Demi-pair program lets you live for free with local hosts while attending your English course in exchange for a set amount of light housework. You pay for your English course + a placement fee. We usually can offer the program in Ireland for a set length of 16 or 25 weeks. Please, contact us to find out what starting dates are currently available. We look forward to your message or call!



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