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StudyGlobal specializes in language courses and related programs. But we want to offer our customers all kinds of services and help as much as possible to facilitate the preparation of your trip. However, we are not a travel agency selling air services and therefore we do not offer any flight ticket bookings.

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Summary of Airlines

Here you will find a useful summary of low-cost airlines. In addition, we recommend to have a quick look at the following list of airlines banned in the European Union to make sure you choose the right transport company. 

These are the major airlines according to the millions of passengers in 2011 (source: Wikipedia):
   Delta Air Lines (113,731)
   Southwest Airlines (110,587)
   American Airlines (86,042)
   China Southern Airlines (80,545)
   Ryanair (76422)
   Lufthansa (63,012)
   China Eastern Airlines (53,933)
   U.S. Airways (52,921)
   United Airlines (50,473)
   Air France (49,769)

Aer Lingus
Wizz Air
Air Baltic

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