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StudyGlobal Language Courses Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General questions


We believe that our customers are not only going to learn a language but they will go through a unique and exciting experience abroad following the total immersion principle. These experiences will be as varied and as many as our students, so we treat each of our customers indivuidually, offering a personalized services.

Our prices come without extra agency surcharges and we quote the prices in the original currency which the school is charging as well (e.g. in the UK British Pound, in Argentina US Dollar).

All schools that we work with have been visited by one of our team members at least once and been subject to a selection process insuring that you only get the best for your money.

We are members of independent travel organizations. Further we are also an official partner agency of IALC. Our schools are also members of either one of these organizations and all schools are accredited by at least one important institute, relevant to the language such as “English UK, Institute Cervantes, …” - see our accreditations page for details.


Learning a language is not only about learning grammar, speaking and writing.

Learning a language is also learning about the culture, traditions, people, history, food and music. The best way to learn a language is experiencing it  where it is spoken. Imagine living with the local people, experiencing their culture and their way of life.

Total immersion means being exposed to a language all day long with and without the support of the school. It is the fastest and best way to understand and speak a language.

StudyGlobal is a company founded by three young entrepreneurs who have experienced themselves this way of learning a second language. Believing in this learning method, they started this company giving the chance to non-native speakers to study foreign languages through total immersion programs all over the world.


The general courses usually start at 18 years. Some schools also accept 16 and 17 year old students.

For younger students we have special junior programs which start at 5 years in company with their parents or from the age of 10-17 on your own, depending on the destination.

For sure you are never too old to learn something new and attend a language school. While we have many university age students, we have many active seniors as well. The diversities of ages, nationalities, professions and interests of our students contribute to the unique experience you will have. 
At some destinations we have special “Best Ager” courses, tailored to the culturally interested student who wants to combine the language learning with a cultural element such as local art or history. Ask for our special Best Ager programs.


The junior courses are of course aimed at younger people and have a small age range. 
Usually those courses will have more people of the younger ages (around 20). The range of our general adult classes is from 18 to 80, and concentrated between 20 and 30. The business and professional courses have an average between 25 and 40.


In general we are looking for schools that offer a good mix of nationalities. Most schools work with various agencies such as ours around the world in order to achieve a good mix of nationalities.

We ourselves already offer our service in 11 languages and have served customers from over 60 different countries so far. However, depending on the location and other factors there can be various tendencies such as:

If you want to make sure that you have a low level of fellow countrymen we advise to choose more distant destinations which have a lower touristic appeal or exposure (e.g. Galway, South Africa, … ). Ask us for individual advice.
Yes. A notebook and writing materials are required. It is also highly recommended to keep a pocket dictionary and a grammar reference book handy.

As with all learning efforts this mainly depends on one individual aspect - you.

However, factors like the accommodation type (host family versus apartment), course intensity and self-study are important, too. Provided you take your study seriously, you can progress from a 100% beginner to a lower intermediate level in Spanish in one month, for example (find more details in our course level page). This will allow you to communicate with locals, finding your way around the city/country and being able to function in everyday situations. Many schools conduct internal tests each month in order to review your progress and maybe asign you to a new class level.

In general, last minute bookings are always possible. However, the availability is subject to confirmation by the school. During high season, the desired course may be fully booked or maybe there will be a place in the language course but not in the prefered accommodation. We recommend to book at least 6 weeks in advance. If you have special preferences, it is advisable to book even earlier. Especially host families which are close to the school are be booked out first.

Whenever you would like to work abroad, you will neeed a proper permission (visa or work permit).

In Cambridge and BrightonEngland you can sign up for the “Jobclubs” of the school. Provided that you are allowed to work in the UK (EU Citizens), the school will support you to find a part time job next to your studies. The longer your course lasts, the higher the chances to get a job.

In the USA, you will usually not get any VISA that allows you to work. We do have some internship options in the USA available but these are unpaid.

In Australia and in Canada, we offer a work & travel program, which includes the permit to work for a limited time.

Other internship and voluntary programs are available in various countries. Usually, these programs can only be booked in combination with at least four weeks of a language course. At all times we recommend to contact our travel consultants before you decide to start working.



Please be aware that all efforts are taken to avoid that you will be put in a family with another person of your mother tongue. However, depending on seasonal capacity, this cannot always be ensured. At some destinations you may have to pay a surcharge to ensure that you are the only person speaking your language.
We always offer the option host family. Depending on the location we also offer various other options, such as studio or shared apartments, dormitories and others. Please see the detailed accommodation description for further information.

With more than 60 destinations which usually present a pool of 150 – 200 host families plus optional alternative accommodation options such as apartments, it is impossible for us at StudyGlobal to take care of this process ourselves. The choice and maintenance of the offered accommodation options is in the hands of our partner schools.
Thus, it is important that we have visited each school to ensure they have the same quality standards as we do. This espacially includes a constant monitoring of the host families. For more information see the detailed accommodation description .

Usually this is not a problem. However, in some destinations these options are either limited by the amount of host families having a double room option or only married couples are accepted. Please check with us on an individual basis per destination.
As we specialized in language courses, we only offer accommodation in combination with a course booking. 
The only exceptions may be if you are travelling with a person taking a course (see next question).

Most of our partner schools only offer the stay in their accommodations if you are booking a course as well.
However, given special circumstances and season you may have the chance to stay in an accommodation without booking a language course if you are accompanying a course participant. This offer is however quite limited. Please consult our customer support team for individual requests.

You will most likely be staying in the room with another student of the same sex and a different nationality. However at no time you will be placed with a family member.
Against common belief, the host families are not poor people who are just trying to cramp in a few people to their house. Our host families come from all walks of life. All host families are open-minded people who are interested in getting to know new people from around the world and have a spare room or two they do not like to see empty. For more information see our accommodation information.
At some destinations you can only get breakfast or half board, others offer all kinds of options (simple room stay, breakfast, half board, full board). At all times please be aware that eating habits differ in other cultures. You are always entitled to a reasonable portion of food, however, please be aware that you are still a guest and as such always consider how you would cater for somebody yourself.
In general this is a possible option at all destinations. However, the capacities may be limited. Thus we reccomend to book early in advance and check with our consulting service beforehand.

In most of our destinations we offer a limited number. However, not all schools necessarily offer this option.

There is no discount possible for young children as the families provide special care for youngers and still have to take the effort to cook and cater for you.
Usually our host family option is the most reasonable option to stay. Even if the price should be higher than another option you will find, you still have the advantage of extending your course in your private time and keep on practicing.
Our usual sheme is set to arrive on Sunday (ideally during afternoon) and depart on Saturday by 12 o’clock. At some destinations you have the option to book extra days before or afterwards. Please check with our travel consultants on an indivdual basis.
At most destinations you may begin your homestay at any time. Please check with our travel consultants before booking and register as early as possible as host families are limited and we want to provide the best match.
Some families offer a laundry service at a small surcharge. Others may allow you to use their washing mashing, whilst you will have to buy your own detergent. Most apartments and dormitories provide washing facilities (launderette) or there will be one pointed out by the school.



If you want to change to another course that is available it is usually not a problem. Generally it is easier to upgrade a course than to downgrade (there may be no refund when downgrading). Your tuition fees are then transferred to this course. If the second course is more expensive, then you will be given an invoice for the additional amount of future fees.

Visa restrictions: If you are travelling on a visa, changes may be limited (e.g. in the US) 

Yes, simply speak with your teacher who will then talk to the Director of Studies. If they agree and if space is available in another appropriate class you may move immediately. This offer off course is limited if the course is requiring a minimum level, such as business courses.
At most schools there is a minimum booking of 2 weeks required. However some schools also offer 1 week courses. You will find information regarding the minimum time in each course details.
Each destination usually offers a variety of courses which determine the length. Mostly there are two or three basic options between 16 and 30 lessons per week. Please read the descriptions of each destination you are interested in carefully to find your perfect fit. See our “course” website for more information on our language courses’ details.
The schools all have individual schedules with lessons ranging from 45 – 60 minutes.
If you have chosen a group course the size usually varies between 10 to 15 people depending on destination and season. Some schools also offer special mini-group courses with a maximum of 6 people. Further you can book one on one or one one on 2-4 individual classes, depending on the destination and season.
Most classes offered are open to 100% beginners. If a course requires a higher minimum level you will find a hint in the details of the course description. Sometimes there are specific start dates for 100% beginners (please see the individual course description details).
Each school can develop their own level system but the main levels are often based on the European Reference Framework.
We recommend at all times that you participate as much as possible. At some destinations you will need a minimum attendance of 80% to maintain a visa status (USA, ...). Also you will need 80-90% attendance to receive a certificate of completion, which you can use for later job applications or may need at work for extra holidays (Bildungsurlaub).
All our courses are not enlisted for any particular scholarship. In some countries you can get individual scholarships for various courses (BECA in Spain, Bildungsurlaub/check in Germany). The conditions are usually set by the sponsor. Should you be looking for a course that especially meets your scholarship conditions do not hesitate to contact our travel consultants.
Given that you have participated to a certain percentage (see questions above) all students get a certificate which indicates the dates of your course and the level you were at when you finished. This certificate is an individual document from the school and has no official relevance. If you want to learn more about officially accepted certificates in foreign languages see our exam preparation courses.
Most schools provide learning material free of charge or a deposit per book. If there will be an extra charge for textbooks and such, you will be informed by us in advance.
All courses start on a Monday, except if the Monday is a holiday. Some schools offer course starts every week, others only accept new students every 2 or 4 weeks. Special courses, such as exam preparation courses usually only have 2 or 3 starting dates per year.
Unless otherwise stated group courses will usually not be compensated for and are missed at the studentes expense. Most private lessons will be compensated for.
Many universities will grant credit for courses taken at our partner schools. You should first visit your universities language department to learn of specific requirements. The normal process is for the university to review the partner school’s curriculum and a letter of verification that the course is taught in the local language
As soon as you arrive at the school you will be given a placement exam to determine the level you should be in.
This depends on the level you have and you would like to achieve. It generally takes three to five immersion weeks (20-25 lessons / week) in order to improve from one level to the next . 8-12 weeks of courses are recommended to move from very basic to advanced level.
Most of our schools offer discounts on longer periods and special academic semesters and years with durations of 24, 36 weeks and more.
Students wishing to have specialized classes have a couple of options. Some of our partner schools have business courses with certain elements focusing on various business fields. Another option is to take private lessons either solely or in combination with a group course and focus on your specific area. Please get in touch with our travel consultants to get an overview of the best options for you.
At most schools classes normally begin between 8 AM and 9 AM. Students and teachers generally show up a few minutes early for coffee, tea, etc. A lunch break which will be the end of the day if you take a “Standard course” will take around noon. If you are participating in a course exceeding 20 lessons per week you may have more hours in the afternoon. During high season this schedule may vary and classes may begin in the afternoon. See the individual course descriptions for details. For a change of pace, your class may occasionally take place outside of the school, at a cafe or a park for example. Many days include school activities in the afternoon or evening.


All teachers are native speakers, have university degrees, language teaching qualifications and prior experience teaching languages to foreigners. In addition to their professional credentials, they were carefully selected for their abilities to keep students interested and respond to intercultural differences.
Some schools may have a person of your mother tongue at hand. However with more than 15 nationalities on average at a school it would be impossible to offer such a service at all times. The staff at our partner schools of course is trained to help you out despite the language barriers. You can also contact StudyGlobal in your mother tongue during your stay in case you have any concerns during our usual office hours.
On weekends most schools host excursions to many different parts of the country. Possibilities range from city tours to sport events or camping in remote areas and many more. If you should have a special wish you can always contact the staff and ask if they can help you organize your favorite trip.

Prices and cost

It is possible to study at two or several schools/destinations. In that case please fill in separate booking forms, one for each destination. You will usually receive separate pro-forma invoices, too. Please note that an administration/registration fee may be charged each time as these are always charged by the school and not by StudyGlobal.
You will only be charged at the "additional weeks" rate, at the lowest possible rate available.

Like at home the amount needed will strongly depend on the lifestyle and the activities you will participate in. The below estimates are including a meal (lunch) per day (next to the included half board), public transport, small excursions and activities such as cinema tickets or disco. Please be aware that big and touristic cities are usually more expensive than small towns.

Great Britain: GBP 120 / week (London 250)
United States: USD 150 / week (New York 250)
France: EUR 180 / week (Paris 220)
Spain: EUR 130 / week
Italy: EUR 180 / week
Germany: EUR 120 / week (Munich 150)
Canada: CAD 150 / week
Malta: EUR 140 / week (can rise during high season to 170)
Australia: AUD 150 / week
New Zealand. NZD 170 / week
Russia: RUB 5000 / week
Ireland: EUR 150 / week
South Africa: ZAR 1000 / week
China: CNY 2000 / week
Costa Rica:

Once you will receive our confirmation you can pay the registration fee or the full amount via bank transfer to one of our accounts either in Germany, France, Spain, in the UK or the USA. You can also pay by credit card or PayPal at an extra charge. Please contact our travel consultants for details.
The exchange rates you will find on the internet are stating the “Interbank” rate. This rate is a theoretical value which is calculated at the financial market constantly. However, if you buy a currency at a bank you will have to pay a onetime service fee and will get a worse exchange rate. This is reflected in our exchange rate as well. Should you feel like you can get a better deal with your bank you can always pay directly in USD and GBP.
StudyGlobal is proud to state all prices in the currencies as they are charged at the school locally (EUR in South Africa, Russia and China, USD in most of South America, ...), making our prices as transparent as possible. All our prices are then calculated with a weekly updated exchange rate into Euro where applicable. If you are from a non-Euro country or just prefer to pay in the local currency, you have the chance to pay in USD or GBP. Other currencies are available upon request.
According to our terms and conditions, students are not entitled to any refund if cancelling upon arrival or leaving early. However, in exceptional circumstances such as a family bereavement, a refund or a voucher may be given.
All of our courses and destinations are worth the money they cost. However, for students interested in learning English, we recommend the south of England or Malta and for students who would like to learn Spanish Granada or Sevilla (European based). In France it is Montpellier and in Germany Berlin. All these destinations have comparably low living costs and thus can also offer courses at lower prices. Further please see our hints to save money below.
  • Avoid travelling during high season, the prices in some destinations rise by 20% and you may have to deal with longer travelling times between your accommodation and the school. Sometimes a high season in one region will be compensated by a low season in another region (e.g. England vs. South Africa).
  • Check our Special Offers – Our special offers are updated regularly and will include discounts on course prices or special combinations.
  • Travel and / or book together – If you refer a friend before traveling, he/she will get a discount of 5%. If you travel together to the same destination you may book a double room, which is usually cheaper as well.
  • Choose a less popular destination with low living cost - Consider the fact that most capitals and major cities are quite expensive (except for Berlin) and thus the courses as well as your private costs will be higher. Maybe it does not have to be London or Paris and for sure you will find plenty of new friends in your course to make your time as exciting as you want.
  • Watch your currency exchange rate vs. the USD or GBP. The financial crisis had a significant impact on the financial markets and thus on the exchange rates. Customers from the EUR zone for example profited from their strong currency against the English currencies and sometimes had 30% cheaper rates around late 2008 early 2009 compared to the same time a year before. This of course is only possible if an agency states the prices in the local currency for a 100% fair comparison.
  • Consider a distant destination if you have more time to spare. Sometimes a more expensive flight can be compensated by lower course and living costs in further away destinations if you stay long enough. For example a 6 week group course with 20 lessons in Madrid will cost you EUR 1190,- while 6 weeks private lessons (20 per week) in Antigua (Guatemala) will cost you USD 810,- (equivalent to EUR 570,- at time of writing). This does not include the lower living cost yet.
  • Look for destinations which are easily accessible by lower fares airlines. Sometimes it can also be worth checking the cost of a train ride early in advance.


StudyGlobal does not book any flights. However we do work with online partners which offer a great range of low cost and classic airlines. Please see our flights site for more information on booking flights.
Please see our flights site for more information on booking flights.
As we do not offer full travel packages but rather concentrate on language courses, we do not offer any accompanied travel. However, in almost all destinations you do have the option to book an airport transfer.
Almost all school offer a transfer service. Depending on the destination the transfer will be carried out by the school, the host family or a service company at various cost. A few destinations even have a free transfer upon arrival. At all times we will provide further information on how to get into the city/school by other means, such as public transport or taxi.
The need for a visa can depend on your nationality, the destination, the length and the intensity of your studies. Please see our special visa information page for details.

According to our terms and conditions following applies: In the case of a visa denial by your host country's embassy, any registration fees and a maximum of 25% of the program cost will not be reimbursed.

The remaining tuition fees paid will be transferred back to the customer with transaction fees on behalf of the customer after receipt of the visa refusal letter from the host country´s embassy. Additionally you may be able to schedule your course for a later date or another destination, which has more convenient visa restriction at minor transfer fees (subject to availability). At all times StudyGlobal will look into the individual case and may reimburse a greater amount. However, this is subject to individual decisions.

The schools will offer various activities such as sports, movie nights and excursions to local attractions. The organization of most of these activities are free of charge. Other costs that will accrue, such as transport or entrance fees need to be covered individually. Details of the weekly activity program will be posted by the school on a bulletin board.
Some special packages such as the junior courses will include a full set of activities and excursions at no extra cost.

Safety and Insurance


This question can not be answered 100% precisely. There are statistics how high the chances are to get hurt in daily traffic or falling of a ladder while cleaning your house. Still you do it. As with all new environments it is important to realize that behaviours and expectactions are different from what you are used to at home. Similar to the bad neighboorhood at the other end of town that you actually have never been to judge by yourself.

All our schools are located in established and good neighborhoods. Due to different cultural backgrounds you may have to take more precautions to your behavior and environment to what you are used to at home. However, we believe that the enrichment of getting to know a new language, new people and culture is worth the try. For updated travel alerts, potential health hazards, and other related issues, please consult your local Foreign Affairs office. Should you be travelling to a destination that is known for higher security awareness (e.g. South Africa), you will get special instructions from the school upon arrival. Always remember: the schools host 150-300 students per week which they are responsible for, should they offer an unsafe environment, they would quickly run out of customers.

Except for some Junior programs (which will state this explicitly) all our prices are excluding (health or travel) insurance coverage. We do offer special insurance packages for all our programs and advice to check that you have sufficient coverage or book an insurance with us.

If you need more information email us at or leave us your phone number and we'll call you back for free:

You can also contact us through our website