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StudyGlobal Language Courses Abroad

Types of Language Courses 

Are you serching for a brief explanation of the types and variations of language courses? Here you are!

Please, note that this list is only an overview and does not include all the language courses we offer. Not all course options are available in all languages ​​or locations.


General Language Courses

These courses are run in groups of 10-15 participants and consist of 15 to 20 lessons a week. The minimum duration is 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the particular school. In most destinations, these language courses are also available in long-term versions for discounted prices. The aim of this course is to improve basic language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and still allow enough time for other activities. This type of course is usually available at all levels (especially for 100% beginners).


Intensive language courses

These language courses are similar to the general ones, but the schedule is far more stuffed. This means you have more classes (usually between 24 to 30 lessons per week). The aim of this course is to improve language skills much faster, while obviously, there is less time remaining for activities.


Language Super-Intensive Courses

Similar to the general and intensive courses, these courses aims at providing a quick learning progress with 30 lessons or more per week. On the other side, you will have limited time for extra activities.


Language PLUS Courses

These courses are usually a combination of a general or intensive course with 5-10 private lessons per week. During one-to-one lessons, your private teacher will focus on you and your needs, which is a great advantage.


Mini Group Language Courses

Some destinations offer language courses in mini groups. These groups consist of 4-6 people and are focused on a rapid learning progress because of the intensive attention you get from the teacher. Some of these courses are only available as business courses or closed groups.



If you want to have a teacher's full attention you can book the private tuition. Normally a minimum amount of lessons per week must be booked, if booking this course only. In case you book it in combination with a group course, you have the possibility to choose only some private classes (see course PLUS). Some schools may reserve a teacher for two or three students.


Long-term Programs / Academic Semester, Academic Year

The general and intensive courses usually are also available for longer periods and at a special price. Depending on the duration, it can be a semester (24 weeks) or an academic year (36-48 weeks).


Exam Preparation Language Courses

Many of our partner schools offer special preparation courses for language exams which are used to certify your language skills. These courses usually have fixed start dates and durations. Sometimes, the same course type will have a different length, depending on the intensity of the course (general or intensive). A certain language level is required to participate in these courses.


Business Language Courses

There are several business courses available for each of the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. These courses focus on particular needs to improve communication skills in a specific language in a business environment. Different course structures are offered, such as the general business or the combination courses, which consists of a general course and additional business private tuition. Some courses are covering broader topics like correspondence and presentations while others focus on a particular industry (e.g. aviation, right ...). Most courses are not available for beginners and the minimum age is usually 21-25 years.


Languages ​​+ Activities

Some of our partner schools offer a variety of language courses in combination with certain activities. You will learn the language in a general course and then focus on a course where you perform a specific activity and learn more vocabulary related to this activity. Some of the options are:

  • Diving
  • Windsurf / Surf
  • Cinematography
  • Kitchen
  • Different dance styles
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Drama


Language Courses for Mature Students / Seniors (50 +)

Language courses for the "Best Agers" are courses designed for mature students who want to learn a language rather because of pleasure than the professional or academic purposes, and they want to experience the culture of a country. The whole program is adapted to the learning pace suitable for this age group. The group is of similar age which makes students feel more comfortable. Normally, these language courses start on specific dates, are only available during some periods of the year and have a fixed schedule.


Language Courses for Juniors

A wide range of our language programs for juniors are especially designed for students aged 5-17 years. Most of these programs are available in summer during the vacation weeks. Younger students (5-9) can participate in a course while their parents do a language course as well. 10 years old students (depending on destination) can take the first step in independent travelling, while the language programs are offered with full-time supervision (24 hours supervision). Most of these programs are held on-campus, with activities, accommodation and meals in one location.


Languages ​​+ Activities / Language + Leisure

Some of our partner schools offer a variety of language programs combined with leisure activities. You will take a general course and then participate in an activity where you can learn more vocabulary and expressions while having fun doing what you like!

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