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It is important to us that you feel well taken care of and catered for during your stay in one of our destinations. Following this, when selecting our partner schools, great attention is paid to the accommodation. The quality of accommodation is especially important if you stay in a host family.  

Due to the fact that the accommodation costs form a substantial part of the program price, we are always looking for reasonable rates at the highest quality possible. Please be aware that accommodation can vary strongly in price, size and standard. While you may be staying with a host family with a pool and garden in San Diego or Nice , you may end up paying quadruple the rent of your hometown flat for a small room in a shared apartment in New York . Feel free to talk to us or to the partner school any time you experience a problem or are feeling unwell about anything. Most problems can be solved to your full satisfaction if they are communicated quickly! 

Hint: In general it is not necessary to book an accommodation with us. However you can only book an accommodation when you book a course with us.

Depending on the destination, we offer a range of accommodation types. 
There is always the option of staying in a host family. Furthermore, various apartments and student residences may be available and you can always book a hotel through us.


Host Family

Following our “total immersion” principle, we recommend to stay in a host family. Not only is it one of the most reasonable options, but it also is the best choice in terms of practicing the language and improving your knowledge quickly. Through the steady exposure to the language, you will continue your learning outside of the class with ease and fun. You will also get to know the local habits and culture, which will. make it possible for you to appreciate the knowledge from yet another perspective!

Our host families are carefully chosen by our partner schools in situ and monitored regularly by a school representative. Former students are always welcome to give feedback at any time and a short general statement at the end.

All families are by nature open-minded and friendly people who invite you to their home. They are as versatile and individual as our customers. Thus the definition of a family may not always apply in its traditional understanding but can also include single mothers or a married couple without children. The focus lies clearly on the conversation and communication during your free time. Some of the hosts may accommodate more than one student at a time. Please be aware that most families will not allow you to use the kitchen unless especially stated in the offer.

Different meal plans are offered (no meals, breakfast only, half board or full board). Students mostly help themselves to breakfast and have dinner together with the family. Depending on their personal schedule, families will not always be able to join students for dinner.

Student Residence

Student residences are mostly dormitories of nearby colleges and universities which are not in use during summer semester break. At otheer schools, these are special purpose-built accommodations which are used during the whole year.

Student resiodences are often centrally located and will at most times include

  • a single or shared room 
  • a shared kitchen.
  • shared or private bath and toilet

We recommend this option for younger students who want to stay individually but only have a limited budget.



Hostels are run by private people of official organizations such as the YMCA or they will belong to chains like the Youth Hostel International Organization.

You may have the choice between a private room and a sharing room with two or more people. A bathroom may be part of the room or be on the floor. This option often includes breakfast in a common area. Sometimes a kitchen is accessible as well. This option caters for the young and budget traveler.

Shoud we not have a Hostel or other accommodation option on offer, that suits your purposes, see for budget options.


Shared Apartment

You will stay in a room (usually single or shared on demand) of an apartment which may be rented by the school or by a local person living in it. The standard will mostly be basic with a shared kitchen and bath but can sometimes be upscale. Usually it will be your responsibility to clean your room as well as taking care for food and drinks.



At some destinations, you have the chance to book an apartment with one or more rooms all to yourself or your group. The equipment will usually be upscale from a shared apartment and include your own bath as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Often this option is only available for longer bookings of 4 weeks and more.


Studio Apartment 

The studio apartment is usually a one room apartment which includes the kitchen and a small enclosed bath. Some of them are also available for double bookings.



Some of our schools offer the booking of nearby hotels or have a recommendation.

Otherwise you can always book a hotel in worldwide destinations with our partner HRS .


Linen and Towels

Most of our accommodation options include linen and bed sheets. Often you will have to bring your own towels (especially beach towels). The details are usually in the description of the respective destination as well as in the confirmation information we will send you after your booking.

Meals and Drinks

In host families you will often have the choice between breakfast and half board (breakfast and dinner). Some even offer full board (lunch packet). Please be aware that the food as well as the times will depend on the host families’ tradition and may differ from your habits.
In London, for example, it can be acceptable that you get baked beans and bacon (unless you are vegetarian) for breakfast while you get a bagel or bowl of cereal in New York.
At all times, you will need to ask if you want to take additional food from the fridge or if you want to store some of your own food in the families’ fridge. Should the offer do not satisfy your needs or tastes try to discuss this first with your family directly or address this to your accommodation manager at the school. If you prefer, you may contact us at all times. As always, it applies: the sooner you bring the matter up, the sooner is may be solved. 

Should you stay in an apartment, residence or hostel you will usually be responsible for your own meals and drinks. Details can be found in the respective accommodation description of the destination.

Many accommodation options offer washing machines or have a launderette close by. Some accommodations, especially host families, may wash a limited number of loads for you or allow you to use their machine. You may have to buy your own detergent or pay a small amount per washing.

If you need more information email us at or leave us your phone number and we'll call you back for free:

You can also contact us through our website