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Terms and Conditions


General Terms & Conditions
The current year brochure and the website: comprise the informative documents which the present General Terms & Conditions will be applied to. Both the brochure and the website cover information on the types of programmes, destinations, duration and schedules, accommodation characteristics, prices and in general and the necessary and appropriate information about the characteristics of different programmes.

The current General Terms & Conditions, are applicable to all StudyGlobal programme contracts drawn up to cover programmes set out in the advertising brochure / website and bind the parties, together with any particular conditions agreed on under the contract.

The booking request must either be sent by post, fax, Internet or be delivered by hand to any of our offices or delegations, with all fields duly completed, and signed by the participant and his/her parents or legal guardians in the case of a minor. A one-off enrollment or registration fee (as indicated in the price list for the current year) will be added to the cost of any reserved programme unless otherwise specified. It is recommended to register at least 6 weeks in advance of the programme start date (3 months in advance if a visa is required). However, some course reservations can be managed exceptionally outside of these periods. There are some programmes with different requirements or forms which are added to the aforementioned general form form and the course participant has to complete and sign these. A full set of documents will be provided to the participant prior to departure.

2.1. All booking requests for any of our programmes should include payment of 25% of the cost of the programme requested.
2.2. The payment of this amount is deemed to be payment on account of the initial administration costs, and should be made effective either by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal cheque made out to StudyGlobal. This amount, paid on account, will be deducted from the total price of the programme.
2.3. The booking request will not be processed unless is not accompanied by proof of payment. .
2.4. StudyGlobal reserves the right to reconfirm reservations made once the total or partial payment of your reservation is confirmed. In the event that the requested programme seat cannot be confirmed, StudyGlobal will offer an alternative programme of similar characteristics or the refund of the amount paid over as payment on account. StudyGlobal cannot be held liable for any costs or disruption caused by the participant having purchased an air-ticket prior to receiving confirmation of his / her seat on the programme requested.
2.5. The remaining amount or the total amount of the programme requested must be paid to StudyGlobal at least 4 weeks before the date of departure. StudyGlobal reserves the right to cancel the course registration if the payment for the programme concerned is not received within that period.
2.6. Registrations are personal and non-transferable.
2.7. Once the partial or total payment of the programme is received, StudyGlobal will send the documents concerning the journey/ confirmations / accommodation details via electronic mail / e-mail.

Once the booking request for the language course is received, either by mail, fax, telephone or e-mail, you are deemed to have come to terms with StudyGlobal. This agreement is legally valid and becomes effective between the parties once the booking request has been completed and confirmed by the student and the agreed payment has been duly received by StudyGlobal.

Language courses prices are published in our current year price list and are normally established in Euros, Pounds or American Dollars, bar any exceptions. Programme prices may vary, either upwards or downwards, as a result of currency fluctuations, applicable rates and taxes according to our General Terms & Conditions. Outside the Euro Zone, the cost of programmes is calculated on the basis of the quote sent to you in the pro-forma invoice.. You can also pay by bank transfer in the destination country currency (Euros, Pounds or American Dollars). In this case, the intention to pay in the destination country currency must be communicated to StudyGlobal so the latter can provide bank details in the foreign currency payable. All prices include VAT. Any price alterations will be notified to the consumer by writing, and the latter may, whenever fluctuations are significant, withdraw from the programme without any penalty and all amounts paid up to that date will be refunded, or accept the modification of the contract. In no case will programme prices be reviewed upwards within the twenty days prior to the programme start date, with regard to applications already made and fully paid up.


  1. Bank transfer to StudyGlobal. Proof of payment must be sent by fax stating the student’s name and number.
  2. PayPal.
  3. Credit Card

All cancellations must be notified in writing and sent by registered mail to StudyGlobal. The cancellation date is deemed to be the date notification is duly received. Any travel documents already received must be returned together with the cancellation request. The consumer will be entitled to a refund of the sum paid to StudyGlobal minus the following items, deemed to be compensation in favour of StudyGlobal for expenses incurred by the latter when reserving the programme:

a) Registration fee and accommodation arrangement fee.
b) A surcharge comprising the following amounts:

250 EUR, if the cancellation is received more than 30 days prior to the travel start date.
25% of the programme price, if the cancellation is received between 30 and 15 days prior to the travel start date.
50% of the programme price, if the cancellation is received between 15 and 4 days before the travel start date.
75% of programme price, if the cancellation is received within 3 days prior to the travel start date.
No refunds are given for those students who do not show at the scheduled start date of the programme. No refunds are given for those students who withdrawal from the programme of his own free will, at the request of his/her parents, or of his/her legal representatives once it has commenced.

StudyGlobal undertakes to provide consumers with all the services contracted in the programme, with the stipulated conditions and characteristics.

7.1. Any changes requested to an original reservation (change of date, course type, accommodation, extra nights or any other) once the proof of payment on account or full payment for the programme have been received, may incur an additional charge of 50 euros per requested change, subject to availability.
7.2. Any last minute reservations or changes may exceptionally be accepted at an extra cost, however StudyGlobal reserves the right not to accept the change request in that event.
7.3. Airport transfers can only be arranged a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of your trip if this is requested after your original pre-confirmation. The inclusion of the transfer may be considered a change and cannnot be cancelled or changed again.
7.4. In the event the contracted programme cannot be carried out due to reasons attributable to StudyGlobal, the latter undertakes to refund the student the sum handed over on account and in addition, to pay the student as compensation 100% of the amounts received on behalf of that student.
7.5. In most of the programmes testing, orientation and group schedules replace lessons on the first day at school. The participant must respect as non-teaching days any local and national holidays that may affect the programme schedule.
7.6. Unless otherwise specified, the textbook is not included in the price. The term teaching materials refers to any additional materials (exercise copies, etc.) the teacher may provide the student with.
7.7. The participant is responsible, with regard to any programmes requiring a certain level of language and/or skill in a sport or activity, for attaining the required minimum level, and is liable with regard to any possible consequences that may arise from failure to comply with this requirement. The optional modules set out under some course descriptions are available according to the level of demand; formats may change and may require a certain level of language ability.
7.8. Except in special cases, accommodation is provided from the Sunday prior to the course start date to the Saturday following the course end date. It is, however, possible to leave or return on a different date, as long as the student communicates this in writing at the time the contract is formally set down and only if accommodation is available. Any additional nights of accommodation must be paid at the stipulated price. Host families may not always be the traditional family model nor necessarily comprise a father, mother and children. Families have no obligation to do the students’ washing nor to meet any needs other than board and/or lodging.
7.9. Unless otherwise specified, the course participant may contract any activities not included in the programme price once at the destination. Personal expenses as pocket money, public transportation, optional excursions and other activities that the student may wish to carry out during his/her stay are not included in the programme price.
7.10. In the event that StudyGlobal is obliged to cancel some of the programmes due to reasons not attributable to the consumer or by force majeure (deemed to refer to any unusual circumstances external to those involved, and in which regard consequences could not have been avoided despite acting with due diligence), StudyGlobal will offer the client an alternative programme of equal or superior quality, or else will refund the client the total sum paid for the programme.

If you experience any difficulty at the school, host family or with your teacher, your first contact must be the school management. Any deficiencies and claims that, in the opinion of the consumer, arise while the contracted programme is being carried out, should be immediately brought up to the attention of the organisation responsible for the programme in the destination country in order to find an immediate and satisfactory solution. In the event the suggested solution is not to the client’s satisfaction, he/she must contact StudyGlobal immediately by letter or by e-mail to mediate between the two parties so that the latter may try to resolve the detected deficiencies. The client may lodge a written complaint to StudyGlobal within a one month period if he/she considers such action inadequate. StudyGlobal, once it has gathered the relevant documents, will in turn have a time period of 45 calendar days to respond to the claim, from the day following receipt of the complaint brought by the client.

All end users contracting StudyGlobal programmes must have their personal documentation (passport, ID card, travel authorisation in case of a minor) in order, pursuant to legislation in the country where the contracted programme will be carried out. of the obtention of a visa, when required under the legislation of the country where the programme is held, is the client’s responsibility and StudyGlobal may not be deemed liable for any consequences arising as a result of failing to obtain or not having the necessary documentation. This may not affect cancellation conditions.

The consumer must adapt to the way of living and customs of the country where the contracted programme is held. The rules of conduct in destination countries, practices and customs, food, timetables, distances, and, in general, the lifestyle of countries where the various programmes are held, are usually very different from the way of living and usual customs in your country of origin. In this sense, the end user must adapt to them and undertake to respect the laws of the destination country where the programme is held, as well as the rules of conduct of the various institutions that collaborate with StudyGlobal. In special, the student undertakes to respect the regulations regarding timetables, the obligation to attend lessons, rules of conduct and coexistence with teachers, classmates and families, prohibition on the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, to respect and make good use of the facilities, etc. If the participant fails to adhere to the laws of the destination country in which the programme is held, has to be reprimanded, repeatedly misbehaves, or fails to comply with the disciplinary rules of the various institutions, he/she may be expelled from the programme. In that case, the client must meet any expenses arising the early return to his/her country of origin independently of any other matters for which he/she is deemed liable.

All participants that contract language course programmes offered by StudyGlobal must be insured against accidents and illness. The consumer is responsible for having medical and accident insurance with broad coverage. End users are advised to adapt any medical or accident insurance to the needs of the country they are travelling to, and to insure their luggage against loss. A descriptive sheet regarding the insurance policy recommended by StudyGlobal is available to clients at its offices. If insurance is taken out through StudyGlobal, then StudyGlobal is deemed to act merely as intermediary between the insurance company and the consumers that contract any of our programmes. Obtaining medical and travel insurance through StudyGlobal is compulsory for minor students.

StudyGlobal reserves the right to use photos and other materials provided by end users to StudyGlobal, taken due to participation in the programmes, as advertising material as long as there is no prior deliberate opposition by the end user. Howeer, the tacit authorization as referred to may be revoked by the client at any point but StudyGlobal must be compensated, if appropriate, for any damages caused.

Any conflict relating to programmes will be decided by the competent Jurisdictional Bodies pursuant to applicable legislation. Clients and StudyGlobal state hereby that they deliberately waive any other conflict resolution mechanism (administrative bodies, arbitration, etc.).

According to the contract set down between the parties, in each particular case.

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