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Spanish language courses in Antigua, Guatemala

Spanish language courses in Antigua, Guatemala

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Our Spanish language school partner offers Spanish language courses based on one-to-one tuition and develops very effective study plans. Depending on your Spanish level, needs and interests, your teacher will design special custom-made program. Generally, half of the time is used to learn new Spanish vocabulary andSpanish grammar. During the other half, you engage in activities which help to practice what you have learned during the class.

If you wish, you can also create your own personalized study program.

The staff has vocabulary lists specified for all types of work or study; airlines, medicine, architecture, law, economics, teachers, social services, missionaries, as well as for students who only need Spanish for traveling.

You will either be assigned to a different teacher each week to get exposed to different manners of speech, or you can continue with one teacher for several weeks. On request, the tuition can also start on other day than Monday.

Example of Activities offered during classes:

  • Participatory activities like word games, conversation in groups and some games "teachers and students vs. teachers and students" or "teacher vs. student".
  • Oral and written exercises.
  • Group conversation and discussion to listen to other voices, pronunciation, and to practice Spanish.
  • Music in Spanish to help help students improve comprehension and pronunciation skills.
  • As an optional activity the students prepare a topic (political, social, religious or cultural) with the help of their teachers and then present it to other students and teachers.
  • Talks about Antigua Guatemala history, culture and traditions

Timetable: morning or afternoon timetable depending on the level and the time of the year. Exact schedule will be confirmed upon arrival.

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