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French language study abroad

French, the language of arts, culture and love, is spoken more widely that you might think. In addition to being spoken in France, French is also one of the official languages in Luxembourg, some parts of Belgium and the western part of Switzerland.


And that is not all – attending a French language program and mastering the language will enable you to travel with confidence for example to Canada, Oceania, central, west and North Africa or Caribbean (for example Haiti) as French is spoken here, too. All together, there are about 115 million native French speakers in the world.

Moreover, French is, together with English and German, the most important language of the European Union, and its knowledge is important if your aim is to work in this area of international organization. If you plan a career in the international field, a French language program is exactly what you need. Schools and colleges have understood the importance of this language already and an increasing number of students decide for this language. It is actually said that French is the third mostly learned language after English and German.

Are you looking for another foreign language to broaden your repertoire? Take up French, the pleasantly sounding language of love, international politics and diplomacy!


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