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English language courses in Toronto, Canada

English language courses in Toronto, Canada

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You will be studying English in small classes, which will give you plenty of opportunity to communicate with your classmates so that you get the most out of your English learning experience, the teachers encourage you to participate in class, give you homework and give you individual assistance when you need it.

The school incorporates a variety of modern learning methods into their English courses, and make full use of the multi-media centres.

The first day is an all-day introduction and no classes take place. The tuition will begin on the following day. 

Class times and courses are assigned after the placement test on your first day of school, and are based on your level of English, the availability of classes and the date of registration. You may be assigned morning or afternoon classes depending on your level and choice of classes. We cannot guarantee any specific time or combination of courses in advance.

Courses are divided into General English classes and Specific Skills classes. With some courses, you will also have Structured Study sessions  which give you access to Structured Study facilities, resources and activities, such as language exercises, course books, interactive computer programs, study clubs, talks and project work.

General English classes are focused on reading, writing, listening, speaking and on grammar - while all the time being assessed against international standards. The unique modular approach means your path can be adjusted to match your strengths.

The Specific Skills classes are a special feature of English courses. These classes depend on the English level and may focus on a specific area such as Listening and Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing, or Conversation and Pronunciation, Current Affairs, Local Culture or English for Business. You will take the classes which are most appropriate to your particular language learning needs

Complete beginners: normally, students have to know at least the basics. Occasionally, the school can also arrange courses for complete beginners – please, contact us if interested.

Visa information
It is the student´s responsibility to arrive at the school upon the correct visa. For further information please check our visa service page.

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