Secret spots for your language stay in Ireland

The green island is known for steep cliffs, beautiful bays, historic castles and ruins and a unique landscape. It should not surprise that it is an incredibly popular destination for a language stay. We took a closer look at Ireland and found some secret spots far away from the mass tourism of the Cliffs of Moher and the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

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5 facts about England – truth or myth?

You are interested in doing a language course in England but you are not sure about what to expect? You might be surprised and overwhelmed by their politeness and openness and won’t have to carry an umbrella around every day. We are going to show you what’s really at the bottom of all those clichés and prejudices and why travelling to Great Britain pays off.

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Top tips to prepare your Cambridge Exam

Cambridge ExamOne of the most known and officially recognized language tests worldwide is the Cambridge Exam. During the last 100 years, it has proven its quality among educational institutions, governments and job recruiters. No matter, if you would like to improve your employment opportunities, if you need a certified qualification to enter a university or just want to show profound English skills, this certificate will prove your English knowledge. More than 5 million people take the test each year. However, the high standard requires some preparations to assure you scoring well. That is why we are happy to share some valuable tips on how to prepare for your Cambridge Exam. Good luck!

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How to stay save while travelling

How to stay save while travelling You leaving home is not easy. It may be for you, because there are unforgettable moments and exciting experiences lying ahead, but did you think about your friends and family? They rely on the bad news they see on television and have no idea if you are travelling in a save place. Although there are in general destinations where you need to be more concerned about safety.  Continue reading “How to stay save while travelling”

Missing home? 5 tips to fight homesickness

Missing home? 5 tips to fight homesicknessLiving in a foreign country for some time is a great experience, you surely do not want to miss. Especially during the first days everything is new and exciting, and you cannot wait to start exploring your new temporary home. Stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches or enchanting historic streets present themselves in the best light and are waiting for your visit. After the first honeymoon phase it is perfectly normal for intercultural exchanges to become challenging. Continue reading “Missing home? 5 tips to fight homesickness”

Is living with a host family the right choice for you?

Is living with a host family the right choice for you?A language stay abroad opens doors to an unknown world waiting to be explored. We want to find out similarities and differences of countries, nature and people. Seeing their way of living, understanding their outlook on life and sharing great experiences is what sets language students apart from tourists. Without doubt, one of the best opportunities to get to know a culture from the inside is living with a host family. Continue reading “Is living with a host family the right choice for you?”

How to save money in Los Angeles

How to save money in Los AngelesIf you think about living in Los Angeles, your smile is probably shining and your eyes sparkle. Especially in the City of Angels dreams come true and everything seems possible. Life must be like a scripted Hollywood love story, as long as you can afford it. If you knew how to save money in Los Angeles, the Californian lifestyle was not just for the rich and famous. The following tips make living on a budget during your language stay in L.A. easy and enjoyable. Continue reading “How to save money in Los Angeles”

Save money in Ireland: Free things to do in Dublin

Free things to do in DublinWe all agree: living in Ireland’s vibrant capital is worth every cent. Dublin is not only the political, economic and cultural centre of the green island, but it unites everything we love so much about the country. Historical buildings, traditional pubs or amazing music – the city offers many things to explore. However, we know that living here is not the cheapest option and might give you sleepless nights. Do not worry, there are great free things to do in Dublin. You can easily have an unforgettable time, enjoy your student life in the very special metropolis and at the same time save money.  Continue reading “Save money in Ireland: Free things to do in Dublin”

10 Tips: How to save money in New York City

10 Tips: How to save money in New York CityNew York City is the place you want to be? For sure, an unforgettable experience is waiting for you. Unforgettable for your bank account, as well – you might think. Good news! There are  many ways around paying expensive entrance fees and shopping on 5th Avenue.  In this article we will show you how to save money on your language stay in New York City.

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